Rest in Peace, John McCain

John McCain

Our country sorely needed something like John McCain’s memorial service this morning in Washington DC , and if you were not able to sit transfixed before your television for its three hours’ duration, I urge you to search the internet for a re-broadcast. It was a hero’s final gift to us.


5 comments on “Rest in Peace, John McCain

  1. Kay says:

    My step-father died of brain cancer so I have some understanding of what the Senator and his family went through in the last year. The funeral this morning was very fitting for one of our great Statesmen. I appreciated every speaker and loved all the music.

  2. patnieder says:

    Me too! Thanks for reading.

  3. fordburkhart says:

    Pat, thanks for noting this. I watched every minute. Maybe this event was the beginning of the 2020 Presidential Campaign, with many powerful and articulate people rising up to demand that America live up to its own ideals, potential, purpose.
    Can this day give us hope?

  4. patnieder says:

    I’d like to think as much. It was surely inspiring.

  5. peter says:

    You are so right, Pat: We all needed a day like this! Just to be reminded, that this country is so much better than this ugly White House and its inhabitants!

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