Hurry It Up Down There, Will You?


Four pigeons were lined up on a rooftop, three looking down, one on the far end pacing in circles. Several were overall charcoal gray in color so I had to look closely to determine that they were indeed pigeons; their companions’ coloring was more pigeon-like, pearl gray and white. What were they waiting for? Oh, there – a water fountain, two-tiered in the front yard of a house on the hill where the dog and I walked. The fountain water was flowing from the upper level to the lower one and back again. Two or three pigeons were splashing in the water, drinking, bathing or whatever. The ones on the roof were waiting their turn. And the pacing one, what was he waiting for? I could only guess. But perhaps that’s why they put him at the end of the line. I was reminded of that less-than-classy sign some people put near their swimming pools:  “We don’t swim in your toilet. Please don’t pee in our pool.” I laughed at the thought and walked on.

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