2 comments on “It’s Our Nation: Please Pay Attention

  1. Margo Smith says:

    That is so true. But, between gerrymandering galore, Russian hacking, — lying, cheating, immorality to the max, and lack of spine, our country seems to be going down the drain. We can’t let the Trumpians win. I hope healthy voter turnout will carry the day, but I am no longer convinced. Putin seems to running the show. Where is our American hero or heroine? We need you now!!!

  2. patnieder says:

    Stumbled across this comment that somehow attached itself to a copy of the post that I had been unable to delete. Sorry not to comment at the time. If nothing else, we can take comfort in the knowledge that, in fact, your hopes expressed last fall did come true. Let’s continue to think positively.

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