‘. . . for the People’


Kamala Harris, during her first appearance as Joe Biden’s choice to join him on the  ballot, revealed that through her many years as an elected prosecutor in various California courtrooms, she routinely approached the bench with these introductory words, “Kamala Harris for the people.”

Makes a pretty good slogan, don’t you think? For a campaign. For a life, actually.

Yes, I know, those formal words are issued pro forma in courtrooms routinely, but with the emphasis Kamala Harris gave to those words, you just know she took the double meaning of “for the people” to heart.

Even without the hoopla of past years and no applause lines, I loved every aspect of yesterday’s low-key campaign pandemic launch.

Biden-Harris Masked

Even more, in the hours following the virtual launch coverage, I found myself involuntarily smiling or tearing up along with women of color who have been working so hard and waiting so long for today’s acknowledgement of their importance to the party. The field of possible alternates to Harris, each handled her own disappointment when being told in personal calls from Biden with grace and class, immediately pivoting to pledge to do all possible to assure a Democratic victory in November.  I have never been more proud. And, you know, we’ll be hearing from many my fellow Democrats, men as well as women, before this ordeal we’ve been going through has ended. Our bench is way more impressive than theirs. Especially since all the firings!

Having been immersed in the details of what felt like a presidential campaign with no discernible end, to be told election day will be here in 83 days was a welcome relief. But Good Grief! Is there nothing the current administration will not try to gum up the works?

Photos: Daniel Acker for New York Times; Carolyn Kaster, for Associated Press

3 comments on “‘. . . for the People’

  1. Roger Keyser says:

    Nice post. I’m glad you are back to writing your blog more often.

    Seeing the links to related posts, I saw a title I didn’t recognize, so I read it. Seemed brand new to me, but then when I went to “Like” it, I noticed that I had liked it already. Now that is a little scary. But I did remember well the Banana post. I read a few more, some familiar and some not. I resolved to read through the blogs from beginning to end, at some time. They are still entertaining, witty, and poignant (is that the right word?) — and fun.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dorothy Woodson says:

    Fingers crossed.

  3. soverelfield says:

    The Biden/Harris ticket was such Excellent News!! Around the same time, it was announced that Trini Lopez had died and one of the songs in his first album was “If I Had a Hammer” later made more famous by Peter, Paul and Mary. I think this would be a wonderful choice for the Biden/Harris campaign song!! I very much look forward to your Newsletters. Please keep up the good work!!

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