Here We Go Again!

Election time. Here’s how a state that wants to assure everyone eligible to vote is given every opportunity to do so.

The packet of information that appeared in my mailbox a month ago included everything required for me to vote in the upcoming Primary Election and then later, the entire process to be repeated in the General Election in November: Dates and locations for voting early, by postage-free mail or in person through Election Day, June 7. Locations and hours for convenient Ballot Drop Boxes. and a website for a full list. A way to request a ballot in a different language. Or to obtain a replacement ballot. And my personal favorite: Where’s My Ballot to subscribe and receive notifications and track your ballot every step of the way. If it’s good enough for a package from Amazon, it’s certainly worthy of my ballot.

Contrast those practices with elections in other places where voters stood in long lines in the frigid cold or suffocating heat and denied as much as a sip of water by election volunteers. Every time I learn about something like that I remind myself not to be so critical of the state I’m living in now — even if it did run a costly recall election a year before the Governor’s scheduled (and successful) re-election.

And let’s not even mention those states with ridiculously gerrymandered district lines designed to exclude persons of one race from gathering with too many like persons to cause a voting block. Or as one person I admire from another state had explained, “Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

Scenes from last time in Georgia.

5 comments on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Carolyn Niethammer says:

    As nutty as Arizona is in so many instances, we do have mail in voting and it is easy. The nuts in Phoenix keep trying to change it but we’re hanging on. And even the idiotic Cyber Ninjas the Repubs hired to check on fraud, found not only no fraud, but actually MORE votes for Biden. Of course they compromised our voting machines so now we have to lay out big money for new machines for those who vote in person.

  2. soverelfield says:

    Maine also – in spite of Republican roadblocks – have an excellent absentee ballot system. There is also plenty of information available on how to register, where to vote, etc.

  3. fordburkhart says:

    Hi Pat. Will this reach you? Lord knows (does He do email?). I have tried for many moons to reply to your lovely posts, without success. I’m sure this won’t work but gotta keep trying. More to say. Let’s try it now. Ford

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