I Miss Snow

The weather out there in much of the country is frightful, but I’m sorry to report that here in Southern California it’s pretty darn delightful. Don’t hate me for it because, truth be told, I miss snow. Maybe not in the record-breaking amounts being experienced this year (still think climate change is a hoax?) but some.

Our New York daughter, while dreading the coming next onslaught, sends us video from her apartment window of the initial snowflakes. I voice my sympathy for the struggles that will ensue but can’t help mentioning how beautiful the scene is. Likewise, with the photo a friend sends from Providence showing a frozen river not too far from her front door. It’s so beautiful!Providence River

But Boston — good grief, poor Boston –– has run out of places to stack the snow. Trucking it to outlying fields and considering various water bodies in which to dump the stuff.

I try not to mention that the weather here is balmy, in the 80s with just the hint of a soft breeze or that the jasmine by the front door is beginning to bloom, sending its intoxicating aroma throughout the house. And I know they won’t believe me when I say that I miss snow.

I miss the hush that comes over a neighborhood when snow covers the landscape and before the snowplows and snow blowers get to work. And even afterwards, if you’re lucky enough to score a snow day, the forced confinement that feels like a particularly special gift, a time to read a book or watch a movie – or even to tackle some long-avoided project like organizing family photographs or sewing buttons on an old sweater that is down to just two.

Ed does not share my nostalgia for snow. He grew up in Colorado and doesn’t care if he never sees another flake. And he’s fond of saying that the best part of the house sale when we were moving from New Jersey was watching the snow shovel walk out the door.

(And speaking of my much-maligned home state, I have been trying to come up with a way to share Buzzfeed’s 22 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit New Jersey. It includes photos of snow but a great deal more. Showing it here is a stretch, I know, but something to look at it if you’re snowed in.)

So how’s this for an idea? Instead of building a pipeline to transport tar sands oil from Canada down to the Gulf region, why not a pipeline going across the country from east to west to transport snow from the beleaguered snowbound regions to the parched western states. They’d have to find a way to filter out the street pollution that’s mixed up in all that snow but hey, this is America. Didn’t we used to be a can-do nation? Let’s put our minds to it.

In the meantime, enjoy your snow day. Unlike you, I have to work in the yard.

6 comments on “I Miss Snow

  1. Dorothy says:

    I am running, no sliding, out my front door to buy tickets to visit you. 😉

  2. Dorothy Woodson says:

    Oh, you are mean! D

    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 22:29:54 +0000 To: dcw239@hotmail.com

  3. patnieder says:

    Oh! Sorry. My original heading was “Weather Guilt” but as I wrote I got more and more nostalgic about snow. I realize my memories are very selective — nothing about chipping away at an ice-encrusted car so you could get to work or slogging through dirty slush past mounds of old snow that’s long stopped being at all pretty. But come ahead. Just be aware that this lovely weather we’re having can change in an instant, and I’ll be singing “Hates California, it’s cold and it’s damp…”

  4. Margo Smith says:

    I hate cold and snow, but I love your writing. It’s frigid here, just the right time for sharing hot buttered rums with special friends. How I will look forward to my next chance to work in the yard. Miss you.

    • patnieder says:

      Thank you. I guess it was mean of me to wax nostalgic when so much of the country is really suffering with this awful winter. But we will get ours here, one way or another. However, hot buttered rum does sound appealing, regardless of the weather.

  5. Roger Keyser says:

    Ship the snow west — yeah, right. I hope some brilliant legislator doesn’t steal that idea. But thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of NJ. What a shame most folks only know the ugly side of the Garden State. However, I agree with Ed — living day after day with snow is not my fondest memory.

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